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Category: Support
Link description Date Posted
UK Co-housing This seems to be the most central information point for all the projects out there, including some info on government funding and initiatives. Might be worth becoming members and adding ourselves to the 'members directory' as a 'forming' group. 2019-07-11
One Planet Council If we wanted to live in wales there is a EU framework called One Planet. I don't know if I would want to live in wales to be honest, however the framework will allow you to purchase low cost agricultural land then build and live on it! 2019-07-12
Government homes England Homes England. Government site. Might be useful for any funding opportunities + information about what's happening nationally. 2019-07-12
Community Led Homes Community Led Homes is a government led intiative to provide more affordable housing through community projects. They have funded enabling hubs like the one in Birmingham to support community co-housing projects. They also provide funding for projects. 2019-07-16
Community Led Homes Resource Comprehensive overview of co-ops and community led homes includes info on how to get started, exisiting communities, financial aspects, different models, becoming legal. 2019-07-17
Wrigleys Solicitors Wrigleys Solicitors was suggested to us as one of the best (if not only) ways to establish a MHOS (Multiple Home Ownership Society) 2020-05-22
Category: Land
Link description Date Posted
UK Farming Land Farming land for sale across Warwickshire 2019-07-12
Government Land Hub Government land hub advisory website 2019-07-12
Government Land Provides a map or list of Government owned land and devlopment opportunities across Enland. Includes land that is on the market and also in the pipeline. 2019-07-17
How to Find Land Information sheet from Community Led Homes about how to find land. 2019-08-02
Communty Land Trusts The National CLT network is a great resource to find out about community land trusts. They are a geat way to protect land for affordable housing, not just for individual projects but for future generations to come! 2020-05-22
Category: Existing Communities
Link description Date Posted
Lammas Community Pioneering community in west Wales who followed the one planet framework. 2019-07-12
Lancaster Co-housing This is an established cohousing development in Lancaster, described as intergenerational and eco. 2019-07-12
Cambridge K1 Co-housing Intergenerational, eco and new build. The houses look like they are built and being sold. 2019-07-12
Earth Heart Housing Cooperative Ltd Existing community that’s closer than the others! 2019-07-12
LILAC LILAC were one of the first MHOS comunity schemes, they were established before CLT's were possible. Great place for resources, there have done TED talks on their community project too. 2020-05-22
Category: Housing
Link description Date Posted
Hebridean Homes these look really beautiful, I can imagine we would get decent discount if we wanted a bulk order. 2019-07-12
Kiss Housing They look great. Looks inspiring but pricier. 2019-07-12
Category: Building
Link description Date Posted
ModCell ModCell allows super-insulated, high-performance, low energy ‘passive’ buildings to be built using renewable, locally sourced, carbon sequestering materials that include straw and wood to create a less than zero carbon construction system. 2019-07-18
Agile Homes Company formed from previous Modcell and White Designs, this is a very person, value and ethically minded company seeking to change lives through modern architecture. 2020-11-18
Category: Finance
Link description Date Posted
Ecology Building Society Leaflet for lending for community led housing projects. Looks exciting as an alternative to Triodos bank 2019-07-18