October 2019 Update

We had good attendance at the early september meeting, two new members were brought into the group which was really exciting. We went around the group and summarised our personal visions and desires for the project, it feels like we begin to more concretely formulate our vision and begin to structure things into documents. Next time we meet we all plan to bring along our top values on postit nodes with descriptions of what these mean, all of these can come together and we will hoepfully start to form our common values.

September 8th 2019 Meeting

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This is a reminder that as per our doodle poll we plan to meet at Taylor Road 10AM to 12PM on the 8th September.

Things have been quite intense in the group, one member has left and two are currently onboard but ‘resting’ - the meeting is open to all. Perhaps we could tune in and have some fun, lighten the mood a little! I’ve got one thing I’d like to explore in regards to land which won’t take very long to explore.

Co-Housing West Midlands

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I just came across this project, they are looking at building in very similar areas to us and look active and further along.

Looks like they are wanting a lot more houses than ours and it may be less "community" and more "co-housing". However it could be really interesting to speak to them.

Their site here has an interesting 17 step map to co-hosuing. This comes from the UK Co-housing site.

Video - Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) - United Kingdom

Lilac is a self-planned and managed co-housing community in Leeds, England. It embraces the concept of living sustainably and communally. Members of Lilac have their own individual homes but share financial responsibility, the land, the development and day to day management of the project. This supports greater resilience and provides permanently affordable housing.

almost 1 year ago - the Launch of Birmingham Community Homes

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Birmingham is facing a huge housing challenge over the next ten years but we also have a huge opportunity to diversify the way housing is delivered in the city. It will some need new models of delivery but it could also benefit from doing some old things again it has done well in the past. This is why we are launching Birmingham Community Homes.