Our Seed Corn Grant application is in!

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With a dash of luck, and lashings of determination and co-ordination, a few weeks ago we submitted our Seed Corn Grant application to fund our affordable and sustainable housing dream… that’s in the making!

One unusually early Sunday morning, we gathered for our monthly meeting. After taking sight of the looming deadline for the Community Led Homes’ Start-Up Support Programme, we set to rejigging the meeting’s agenda. Many thanks to the folks at Brum’s own Community Led Housing Enabler Hub, “Birmingham Community Homes” for the heads-up on the application deadline!

After going line-by-line through the application form, we hatched an evolving plan, updated community members who could not attend that meeting and divided the 59 questions between us according to each other’s availability for that Sunday and the week to follow!

Having self-funded our community housing project so far, it became clear we could boost our activities with a cash-injection and more structured assistance from co-housing and architectural professionals! The funding would also help us maintain our travels to learn from established community housing projects around the country, and help keep our online tech running; not least for carrying out our land search strategy!

Many fingers are crossed for the application! We’ll keep you posted!


Amayacitta Sat, 03/14/2020 - 19:22

It was indeed a great collaborative effort from everyone. Gives me confidence that when we need to get over a hurdle we can pull together and get it done. There are if course much bigger challenges ahead, looking forward to seeing how we respond to those when the come!