Unincorporated association

Wanted to share latest email from Frances at K1...

‘The unincorporated association is very easy to set up and get going.  There are templates on line - I may have shared one we are currently using.  We found Metro Bank particularly simple in their requirements for what is essentially a club or society.

If you start with an association then you can apply for funding for various capacity building activities including setting up the legal entity.  If you are able to move money between headings of the budget  on the basis that some may cost more and some less in practice (usually you have that flexibility in the grant) then I would recommend simply setting up a Company limited by guarantee using an online facility as it may well be too early to really settle on the legal form as that partly depends on land and money sources and use more of the money for land agent fees (if including those in the grant is permissible)!

I'll take a look at your website just in case something comes up.  We are in very early discussions with a national housing association interested in cohousing and they mentioned land in Birmingham.’