Winter 2021 Update

Since early in 2021 our group has gone through some hardship and has shrunk in active membership down to just two households. This has had a knock on effect on the amount of inspiration and activity. We recently have been in contact with another coop in the Birmingham area, it turns out our values align pretty well and after a few initial meetups, we have almost reached the point of merging. This will bring some much needed fresh inspiration and will hopefully see about more progress.

Interview: Adam and the power of connection with self and others

Hello Everyone,


Back today to introduce another member of our group, Adam, a 32-year-old inspiring trainee woodworker. 

With the ups and downs of lockdowns and restrictions, Adam and I met over zoom... Experiencing this new way of connecting from the comfort of our home.


Tell us more about you, Adam...

What led you to choose woodwork?

Interview: Laura Hackett and Climate Change

Despite the hurdle of Covid restrictions, our group is slowly growing, along with our enthusiasm! We are getting to know each other better and defining our vision and values more tightly as a community. We are excited to have welcomed two new members in recent months. 

Therefore, we have decided to take the time to introduce ourselves through a series of interviews – discussing our motivation to join the project.


This month, we met with our newest member, Laura Hackett. Laura generously shares her values, motives, and inspiration for the project – thanks Laura!

Learning from others

It's been a while now since this group formed and already the roots feel like there running far and deep into the process. Sometimes it seems overwhelming at how many different things we have to solve but I always feel better when I think about the underlying positive intention that waters those roots.

Making the Most of It - Community Living in the Coronavirus Pandemic

As Lockdown measures begin to relax, there is a collective sigh of relief occurring throughout the nation. Many of my friends who live alone, in impersonal shared houses or even with families where there is an intense or uneasy interpersonal dynamic, are relishing the fact that some, albeit very limited, occasions for social contact are once again permitted.