Intentional Communal Living

Our aim

Our aim is to create an inclusive and ecologically sustainable co-housing project, which provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals, couples, and families. Moving beyond what is traditionally understood as ‘family’, we want to share resources, facilitate dialogue between generations, and create a sense of solidarity and cooperation. We want to offer affordable housing options that account for the different living circumstances and needs of our members and create shared spaces, projects and rituals that bring everyone together

Our Journey

Mid 2019 we embarked on a journey to combine the joys of living in shared spaces with the privacy of independent living. We want communal areas for growing food, cooking, eating, playing, washing etc. We want to offer members different living options, including private 1-4 bedroom dwellings or shared homes for families or individuals who want live together.

Our Hope

It's our hope that the diversity and lower than usual financial commitment will encourage families, couples and singles, old and young, to come on board. A single shared mortgage for the whole project enables us to offer something more affordable than a traditional purchase and we hope for as many people as possible.

Get Involved

If this project is of interest to you and you want to join us, please use this contact form and let us know how you want to get involved!